American Mutual Benefits is all about helping employees increase their take-home pay by reducing payroll taxes.

American Mutual Benefits helps employees save money by reducing payroll taxes by utilizing Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code’s Premium Only Plan (POP) instead of the typical Flexible Spending Account (FSA) provision of the Section 125 code. This means that the onerous “use-it-or-lose-it” penalty of traditional FSA cafeteria plans is greatly reduced. Employees no longer have to declare at the beginning of the year their out-of-pocket medical expenses to participate in the medical section of a cafeteria plan.

Congress created the IRS Cafeteria plan to give tax relief to employees by enabling them to reduce their taxable income through deductions of unreimbursed medical expenses and dependent care costs.

Since 1984, Cafeteria Plans have been helping thousands of companies pass along to their employees a reduction of taxes thus increasing their take-home pay.